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Biometrie – wetenschappelijk bewijs 2019-06-05T10:17:43+01:00

Er zijn veel publicaties over biometrie.

1. Meer dan 100 studies vind je op

Here is a breakdown of the 13,000+ Bioresonance therapy practitioners and professionals:

  • 6500 Doctors
  • 770 Dentists
  • 5600 Naturopaths
  • 700 Veterinarians
  • 280 Veterinary Naturopaths

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3. PubMed (US goverment)   
Meer op PubMed:

4. met links naar 19 extra artikelen.

5. Roken aanpakken met bioresonatie
Conclusion. According to the findings obtained from this study, bioresonance therapy is clinically effective in smoking cessation, without involving any adverse side effects

6. Zoek je contact met een deskundige? Can Apak van Marmore Engineering Research and Trade Inc. is bereikbaar via
Quantum Health Scanner is a scientifically tested and approved instrument. It is based on the following principle. In our body, on the average, 40,000,000 cells die each minute and are replaced by new cells. Every cell emits a unique electrical impulse as they pass from matter to living being state. Or we can say as they start to become functional, QHS detects these impulses and counts the number of cells which are born thus which are dead in each tissue. From thereon, a very sophisticated Russian software takes over and correlates this data to assess the state of each organ and tissue.I am sure that everyone shall consider this to be a scientific approach.I have personally made tests and compared them with the results of test made by conventional methods. Agreement was perfect. It is a simple to use, fast and cheap instrument made by many companies. Every doctor should pass their patients through this test before they go any further.

7. 20 wetenschappelijke bewijzen.

8. Universiteit Graz (Oosterrijk)

9. Study in the therapeutic success of  “VitalfeldTechnologie” Devices in Europe and Tanzania

10. Literatuur:

11. Artsen (in ziekenhuizen Zwitserland)

12. Nederlandse tandartsen gebruiken biometrie

13. Stichting Gezondheid heeft zelf wetenschappelijk onderzoek gedaan door twee personen op dezelfde dag met verschillende apparaten te testen. Contact us if you think important scientific proof is missing. Thank you.



Geen bewijs, maar voor de scepticus die alles wat regulier is blind vertrouwd, bekijk deze aflevering van Tros Radar.

The Science Behind BioResonance Scanning™ – Dr. David Jernigan, Hansa Center for Optimum Health